Cork Building Blocks Natural


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A new take on open ended creativity for kids!

These blocks feature unique surface friction that makes unusual constructions possible. A great alternative to conventional wood building blocks.

Varying shapes such as squares, columns, circles, triangles and rectangles will have your little one building masterpieces in no time. Perfect for learning about shapes in a tactile and fun way.

Beside its obvious natural beauty, the great thing about cork, is when your tower comes crashing down -  there is no noise!

Perfect for quiet play at home or out and about.

Sustainably made from pressed cork, these beautiful blocks are free of pollutants and harmful substances (z.B Phthalate, dioxins, formaldehyde) Suitable for children 2 years +

Set of 28 with canvas bag.

4 squares, 4 large circles, 4 medium circles, 4 small circles, 4 triangles, 4 rectangular columns, 4 round columns.

Great on their own, or add them to your set of black and white cork blocks for more fun!

Designed and made in Germany