Townhouse Set Blue/Mint

Hase Weiss

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These dollhouses incorporate a modular system comprised of single rooms that combine easily and interchangeably with one another. This enables young builders to convert and extend their houses depending on their mood and preferences.

The simple design leaves the use of the different rooms open to any number of creative interpretations, including doors that can be opened and closed.

Handmade in Germany, these unique dolls houses are made in a workshop for the handicapped with lots of love and enthusiasm. 

Consisting of 4 pieces - tower house (mint), cottage (petrol), small room (blue) and staircase (blue) that can be played with separately or all together. 

Robust, versatile and beautiful.

The Tower House 58cmH x 22cmW x 22cmD

The Cottage 37cmH x 22cmW x 22cmD

The Small Room 21.5cmH x 17cmW x 22cmD

As this is a handmade piece, imperfections are part of the handmade quality, and add to the beauty and unique story of each piece.